Publications de 1997 à 2001

Publications scientifiques 2001

1. The immune-dependent distant bystander effect after adenovirus-mediated suicide gene transfer in a rat model of liver colorectal metastasis Cancer.
Ligeza C., Agard C., Dupas B., Izembart A., El Kouri C., Moullier P., Ferry N.
Gene Ther. 8(2) : 128-136.

2. Characterization of adenovirus-induced inverted terminal repeat-independent amplification of integrated adeno-associated virus rep-cap sequences.
Tessier J., Chadeuf G., Nony P., Avet-Loiseau H., Moullier P., Salvetti A.
J. Virol. 75(1) 375-383

3. Novel cis-acting element in the Adeno-Associated type 2 genome involved in amplification of integrated rep-cap sequences.
Nony P., Tessier J., Chadeuf G., Ward P., Giraud A., Dugast M., Linden R.M., Moullier P., Salvetti A.
J. Virol 75 : 9991-9994

4. Primary adult human astrocytes as an ex vivo vehicle for ß-glucuronidase delivery in the brain.
Serguera C., Sarkis C., Ridet JL, Colin P., Moullier P., Mallet J.
Mol. Ther 3(6) :875-881

5. Efficient retroviral gene transfer to the liver in vivo using nonpolypeptidic mitogens.
Pichard V., Aubert D., Ferry N.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 286(5):929-935

6. Immediate and long-term safety of recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus (r-AAV) injection into the nonhuman primate muscle.
Favre D., Provost N., Blouin V., Blancho G., Chérel Y., Salvetti A., Moullier P.
Mol. Ther. 4(6):559-566

7. Adenoviral vector-mediated beta-glucuronidase cDNA transfer to treat MPS VII RPE in vitro.
Verdugo ME, Scarpino V., Moullier P., Haskins ME., Aguirre GD., Ray J.
Curr Eye Res. 23(5) :357-367.

Publications scientifiques 2000

1. In vivo retrovirus-mediated gene transfer into lamb liver.
Podevin G., Podevin J., Ongoiba N., Sandoval C., Bralet MP, Ferry N., Levard G.
Eur. J. Pediatr. Surg. 10(3) : 167-171

2. Efficient recombinant adeno-associated virus production by a stable rep-cap HeLa cell line correlates with adenovirus-induced amplification of the integrated rep-cap genome.
Chadeuf G., Favre D., Tessier J., Provost N., Nony P., Kleinschmidt J., Moullier P., Salvetti A.
J. Gene Med. 2 :260-268

3. Hyaluronidase enhances recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus(rAAV)-mediated gene transfer in the rat skeletal muscle
Favre D., Chérel Y., Provost N., Blouin V., Ferry N., Moullier P., Salvetti A. .
Gene Ther. 7 : 1417-1420

4. Critical aspects of viral vectors for gene transfer into the kidney.
Favre D., Ferry N., Moullier P.
J. Am. Soc. Neph 11 :S149-S153

5. Improvement of erythropoiesis in ß-thalassemic mice by continuous erthropoietin delivery from muscles.
Bohl D., Bosch A., Cardona A., Salvetti A., Heard JM.
Blood 95 (9) :2793-2798

6. Charaterization of novel lentiviral vectors derived from simian immunodeficiency virus (SIVmac251) that efficiently transduce mature human dendritic cells.
Nègre D., Mangeot PE, Duisit G., Blanchard S., Vidalain P-O, Leissner P., Winter A., Rabourdin-Combe C., Mehtali M., Moullier P., Darlix J-L, Cosset FL.
Gene Ther 7(19): 1613-1623

Publications scientifiques 1999

1. Functional characterization of adenoviral/retroviral chimeric vectors and their use for efficient screening of retroviral producer cell lines.
Duisit G., Salvetti A., Moullier P., Cosset F.-L.
Hum. Gene Ther. 10(2) : 189-200 (1999)

2. Baculovirus vector requires electrostatic interactions including heparan sulfate for efficient gene transfer in mammalian cells.
Duisit G., Saleun S., Douthe, S., Barsoum J., Chadeuf G., Moullier P.
J. Gene Med. 1:1-10 – (1999)

3. Efficient Gene delivery to quiescent IL2-dependent cells by murine leukemia virus-derived vectors harboring IL2 chimeric envelopes glycoproteins.
Maurice M., Mazur, S., Bullough F.J., Salvetti A., Collins M.K.L., Russell S.J., Cosset F.-L.
Blood 94(2): 401-410

4. In vivo retroviral-mediated gene transfer in the liver of dogs results in transient expression and induction of a cytotoxic immune response.
Izembart A., Aguado E., Gauthier O., Aubert D., Moullier P., Ferry N.
Hum. Gene Ther. 10(12) : 2917-2925

5. Evaluation of recombinant retrovirus and adenovirus for gene transfer to normal and pathologic intestinal tissue.
Laine F, Blouin V, Ferry N.
Gastrenterol Clin Biol. 1999

Publications scientifiques 1998

1. Factors influencing adeno-associated virus production.
Salvetti A., Chadeuf G., Orève S., Favre D., Cherel Y., Champion-Arnaud P., David-Ameline J., Moullier P.
Hum. Gene Ther. 9:695-706. (1998)

2. Control of erythropoietin delivery by doxycycline in mice after intramuscular injection of adeno-associated vector.
Bohl D., Salvetti A., Moullier P., Heard J.-M.
Blood.. 92(5):1512-1517. (1998)

3. Retrovirus vectors derived from murine leukemia viruses.
Heard J.M., Danos O., Moullier P.
The Biotherapy of cancers. Editor : S. Chouaib, Paris. Les Editions INSERM. Research in… 265-288. (1998)

4. Liver-directed gene transfer vectors.
Ferry N. and Heard JM.
Hum. Gene Ther. 9:1975-1981.

5. Mature hepatocytes actively divide and re-express gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase after D-galactosamine liver injury.
Kitten O. and Ferry N.
Liver 18. 398-404. 1998.

Publications scientifiques 1997

1. Hyperosmolality suppresses but TGFb1 increases MMP9 in human peritoneal mesothelial cells.
Rougier JP, Moullier P, Piedagnel R, Ronco P.
Kidney Int. 1997, 51,120-129.

2. Principes et enjeux de la thérapie génique.
Moullier P., Ferry N., Heard J.M.,
La Revue du Praticien, 1997, 47, 174-181.

3. Highly efficient retroviral-mediated gene transfer into hepatocytes in vivo.
Kitten O, Cosset FL and Ferry N (1997)
Human Gene Ther. 8: 1491-1494.

4. Gene transfer into the kidney: current status and limitations.
Moullier P., Salvetti A., Champion-Arnaud P., Ronco P.
Nephron . 1997. 77:139-151.

5. Overexpression of ecto 5’-nucleotidase promotes P-glycoprotein expression in renal epithelial cells.
Ledoux S., Leroy C., Siegfried G., Prié D., Moullier P., Friedlander G.
Kidney Int. 1997 oct;52(4):953-61

6. La thérapie génique des cancers primitifs du foie: espoirs et réalités.
Ferry N.
Bull. Cancer. 84:431-434. 1997

7. La thérapie génique.
Ferry N.
Ann. Pathol. 17 Suppl 5:29-32.

8. Thérapie génique d’un modèle de glioblastome chez le rat à l’aide d’adénovirus porteurs du gène HSVtk.
Quillien V., Heresbach N., Dufour T., Denais A., Guegan Y., Ferry N. Blouin V.
Bull. Cancer 84: 1047-1052. 1997

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